You guys know what this means…



  • Jack Frost hoodie - made by the wonderful 6emokitty6
  • Jack Frost Staff 
  • Older Hiccup’s sword (Does not actually catch on fire)
  • Hiccup quote poster 
  • A print of laryndawn's amazing hijack art
  • Keychains from dokii's cute art
  • How to Train Your Dragon 1 + 2 and Rise of the Guardians laminated movie posters


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  • ENDS JULY 31ST - Any entries after that will not count 


  • The Jack Frost hoodie is made by 6emokitty6-  Her cosplay facebook page can be found here, her boyfriend’s cosplay facebook page can be found here, and her Tiny Artz facebook page can be found here
  • Jack Frost staff can be found here on etsy
  • Hiccup’s viking quote poster can be found here on etsy
  • The print of laryndawn's art can be found here
  • The art that was used to made the keychains can be found here and are made by the awesome dokii
  • Older Hiccup’s sword and the laminated movie posters are made by theheyrobots

We hope you enjoy!

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Nope, it went through
Alright, time to finish writing some request fics

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—————— 34 days left!!! ——————

Today’s countdown is not an original idea! I drew this also to celebrate my seniors’ graduation exhibition.

Oh I don’t know how to say this…今天這張是借鑒了學長姐畢業展覽的主視覺,今天是我們系畢展的開幕式~

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—————— 54 days left!!! ——————

busy and hungry(¯﹃¯)

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My friend ‘buslimpan’ on deviantART gave me a cute story of Jackcest!!!

It had a great influence on me! I thought I want to draw it!!

buslimpan’s fanfiction My favorite scene 1 ※Cicatured her story※

(She said that it based on my picture of the twins ^///^;)

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—————— 58 days left!!! ——————

have a nap!

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Warmup doodle for class tonight
I made Drago into a vampire~~

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Alright so
I gotta go donate blood
And then go to class~~

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It’s dONE

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