The Once-ler Sonnet

How bad/can I/possi/bly be?
I just/wanted/to earn/money.
I was/just fol/lowing/my dream.
I did/n’t mean/to chop/those trees.
Unless/someone/cares a/whole aw/ful lot,
It’s not/going/to get/better/; it’s not.

The Once/-ler did/feel re/morse and/regret, 
And we/can’t help/but love/and for/give him.

(I’ve got to write some sonnet lines in my theatre class. Thank Godric, they don’t have to rhyme, or I’d be screwed! But I was listening to Traveling Madness and this immediately was conceived. You’re welcome.)
(Art by EvayoArt on deviantArt: )

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