I take it, most theatres will stop playing Paranorman about the day (or possibly one week) before Frankweenie hits the theatres. October 5th. I mean, it’s not like LAIKA would stand a chance against Disney in the box office, anyway. Would you rather see a well-known Disney movie, directed by uber-famous Tim Burton, in black-and-white 3D stopmotion animation… OR some not-very-well-known LAIKA movie, directed by a guy that no one really knows at all, in amazing colors, but not as interesting as grayscale (which is typically unheard of, but helped make The Artist win an Oscar), also in stopmotion animation, but with not nearly as much skill as Tim Burton’s guys?


With no reason for competition, they’ll take Paranorman out of the theatres because kids will be wanting to see Frankenweenie… and eventually, Hotel Translyvania, as well. 

It’s sad, but very true. So, just remember that there IS a deadline if you still want to see Paranorman in your local movie theatre! Not much time is left! Less than TWO WEEKS!!! GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!

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gonna go see a play at the Rose tomorrow. :3

I’m supposed to see one for my theatre class, and then quickly say what it’s about for about ten seconds… and now that there’s only 2 weeks left of classes, I figured I’d better get on it.

And it turns out James and the Giant Peach will be playing at the Rose Theatre! And I haven’t gone to the Rose in YEARS…

The only downside is… the place will be flooded with little kids from school field trips or Girl Scouts or whatever. …because that’s the only reason people typically ever GO to the Rose… I mean, expect for me, but that’s different.

AND THEY HAVE PUPPETS. I like puppets. <3

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And…here’s the costume design for the character Mike. I finally decided to just wing the casting idea and go with Jay Baruchel, so that’s how the decision was made. :P

The costume is very drab and boring, but still classy, in its own way. The guy’s past help me create how he should look today. I can’t help but think that he has some shred of artistic talent, but he’s also gotta look good… for reason mentioned in the play…

This whole thing is odd, but I feel like this design definitely works for the character.

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"Visiting Dad" Set Design Project

So, my little project in my theatre class is a bit bigger than I think my teacher realizes… we basically have to draw up the set design and the costume designs, write or draw the lighting design, and write out the sound design for a short, 10-minute play. We only had three choices, and I went with my favorite one that we read aloud in class…. here’s a good, short summary:

"Visiting Dad" by Judith Fein. A young man is introduced to the father of his fiancé. The only problem is that her father is dead. Will they get her father’s blessing … or do the dead know more than we think?

It’s rather good, but if I’m going to draw out a set design and costumes, I feel like I need to do a little directing, as well. First of all, I’m pulling out the “imaginary bowling” in the opening scene and replacing it with Wii bowling, that way there are at least PROPS! And then I’m going to just have the “Father” be a voice, not a ghost that actually appears on stage. 

The teacher said we could write up, if we want, who we would have cast in certain roles. That was easy enough for this play. There’s only three characters, Lauren, Mike, and Lauren’s father. While reading, I instantly imagined Lauren as Zooey Deschanel, because the character type is one that she does SO WELL. After that, I struggled to think of who could play Mike, but I knew that I’d love to have Tommy Lee Jones’ voice for the Father’s part. The dialogue for the father is very “I know everything, so spill it all to my daughter now, or you die!” and he really came to mind in that part, because he does that type of character rather well.

I’m still struggling on the part of Mike. In the story, he just some regular guy. He’s a nice guy, kind of laid-back. They’re out on a date at a bowling alley, so they obviously aren’t going overboard, but they’re still enjoying themselves, right? But then, his past is revealed because of the father, and how he knows everything he’s ever done since he’s a ghost, and it makes him much more… I’m not even sure how to describe him after that. He’s definitely got some issues. He’s definitely had problems in the past, but nothing really terrible that would make him a bad guy. The whole thing about the rope and the tree in a cemetery was odd, to say the least…but he wasn’t in his right mind at the time, anyway. 

I’m not sure what actor I can think to play that part… my mind keeps shouting, “just pick somebody you’ve seen in a movie or TV show recently”, but I watch so much TV, and most of the movies I watch are puppets and animation…

So I went to my IMDB app and looked at the last few people I’ve looked at on there. The last five male names listed were: Tom Hiddleston, Jay Baruchel, David Spade, Jason Segel, and Ed Helms.

David Spade is definitely out, just because I imagined the character to be taller and definitely younger. Tom Hiddleston just doesn’t really suit the part, sadly. So that leaves Ed Helms, Jason Segel, and Jay Baruchel. Ed Helms seems a bit old, but I could see him fulfilling the part, if anything. Jason has done that type of character dozens of times, so he’d probably be just fine…maybe not serious enough, though. And Jay Baruchel… I’m not the biggest fan of his voice… but he has the appearance that I imagined for the part of Mike. He has the skill to become that character, as well as be funny and serious when necessary. The only reason he came to mind was likely because of his voice… thanks to having been watching How to Train Your Dragon, and all the shorts that came after it, as well as having been reading this WONDERFUL HTTYD fanfic the past two days (Talking in Her Sleep by Determamfidd on ff.net—it’s rated M, just fyi). 

Anyway, I still don’t know for sure who to pick. I’d really appreciate some help with that… I mean, I’m probably not going to use full body reference shots of those actors for the costume designs… even though that may be a good idea… but having the “fantasy cast” done and written down in the notes would make things go by much faster, I’m sure.

So, who would you vote for?

1.) Ed Helms

2.) Jason Segel

3.) Jay Baruchel

How about I let you decide?

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So, we watched Angels in America in my theatre class

…I’ve read the play, but…
Wow. I have never seen the movie. The acting was incredible, though! Meryl Streep and Al Pacino, and just… My god, the girl who played Harper was exactly what I imagined when reading it. Just, WOW. I mean, I’d recommend it, but it is very, very long and it’s about homosexuality. In the 80s. And the hallucinating and craziness…
Ah, it was better than I ever imagined…

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I’ve got marshmallows, goldfish, zebra cakes, nutter butters, and ramune drinks. I’m ready to sit through a 3 1/2 hr play in my theatre class. ^^

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I would give so much just to see this production. But it’s not playing anywhere I’m not (honestly) afraid of visiting, nor in the US during available times…

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My teacher marked down my Once-ler sonnet because I used the word “biggering”. APPARENTLY, that’s not a REAL WORD. >.>
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There it is. I have my own interpretations, but I’d love to hear someone else’s…

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