my first fanart for sburbox’s steampunk once-ler and of course I couldn’t draw a happy thing, that would just be silly of me.

I hope it passes inspection!

sad things = BEST things. Thank you, sweety <3

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so…I was kind of expecting my dash to be full of cute-but-sad Oncie pics involving Father’s Day right about now…
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Ever get the feeling that no one CARES?

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And…it’s done. Kinda. I SUCK AT SHADING. I’m so sorry! T~T

(Getting back into the habit of actually SIGNING my work. Ye-ah.)

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It’s still coming along. It’s weird, posting the WIPs of every few steps of a drawing. Should I do this more often??

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Is ANYONE gonna look at it yet? 

…no? Okay. That’s fine, too.

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Maybe if I post a BETTER version of the WIP, someone will actually look at it??

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I’m bored, so I’m finally starting to work on my next Once-ler fanart. It’s still a WIP, but I feel like this one might turn out REALLY good…

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Once-ler Sonnet

After all this pain and loss, he’s alive.

He still remembers biggering and greed,

And how it all died after that big dive.

But now he’s turned it all in for one seed.

He just stands there, waiting, hoping, praying.

Will he ever find a true friend again?

He didn’t have one from the beginning.

He just had his guitar, his dreams, one pen.

After days and nights of searching nonstop,

He finally found the luscious forest.

That’s when he pulled that old axe out to chop,

And found a creature telling him “Get Lost”.

The Lorax annoyed The Once-ler daily,

But he never bothered to leave the trees.

He then brought down his family to see,

Trouble began; The Lorax was displeased.

Oncie broke his promise to please his mom,

And down the trees went, day by day.

At first, everything was perfectly calm,

But now, it no longer felt quite that way.

The small business grew, and their pockets, too.

The sky grew dark; the air was hard to breathe.

Once-ler could care less, he had work to do,

And now he was taken over by greed…

His fam’ly loved him, just like he wanted.

Customers would just buy more and more thneeds.

He was unaware; his future, haunted.

He would soon face the wreckage of his deeds.

Then the last Truffula tree was chopped down,

No trees left, no thneeds left, no money left.

The Lorax said goodbye and just left town.

His family left, the animals left.

And then he was alone. So very alone.

He lost everything and his self-esteem.

He was nothing, just like his mom had known.

That’s what he gets for being so extreme.

Now he kneels, he just sits there by that stone.

“Unless”, it says. Unless what? He will think.

How can he fix all of what he has done?

Is it even possible anymore?

-Brianna Wagoner

Theatre 1000

March 28, 2012

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