so i got bored last night while babysitting my nephew ‘til 1 am… (he didn’t even fall asleep until about 1 am, too)

…and my iPod died so i made some Camp Weehawken headcannons on my phone to pass the time. These are gonna be stupid and weird and probably won’t make any sense, but I’m gonna post ‘em anyway!

…sorry for going a little crazy with Gizmo’s headcannons. But he’s just so cute. <3

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my week has just started out with a ton of homework that will likely not get done in time, due to my already-hectic schedule this week. But I have the next couple hours to relax before I need to sleep and get up early tomorrow…so…

GIMME ONCEST FICS. I need to RELAX! Please! For the sake of my sanity!

It can be any kind! Oncest, Swoncest, Steamcest, InkBow, GentlePimp, WHATEVER!


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Remember when I used to draw the Once-ler? 


LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW ONCE-LER. Zombie-hunting extraordinaire.

Long story short I wanted to draw a dark, moody Once-ler picture so I picked the brightest, most obnoxiously colored crossover I could find. Perfection. 

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last night, i made a wish that people would start reblogging old onceler fanart. today, my wish has come true. <3
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Yes. That’s what I meant. Steamiest. ;)

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Yeah, I don’t even know anymore. Just have some squeaky-clean Steamcest. <3

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so…I was kind of expecting my dash to be full of cute-but-sad Oncie pics involving Father’s Day right about now…
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one day, when i have my own apartment, i’m gonna go to walmart and buy a buttload of printer paper, printer ink, and scotch tape and then proceed to cover every inch of wall and ceiling with pictures of oncest

and no one will be able to stop me

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i wrote my first oncest fic today.

it made me realize that i have never really written anything that would be rated MA, at least not in fanfiction form. it was an AU story, too, so it’s my first AU fanfic.

i also wrote it while at work, surrounded by a bunch of my coworkers in the break room. today is just FULL of firsts, isn’t it?

when i started getting into the more naughty scenes, i suddenly realized that by READING oncest, i knew exactly what i needed to write. it just started flowing like crazy!

so here’s a shoutout to anyone who’s written oncest, allowing me to read it, and gave me the chance to try my own hand at it. thank you.

(if anyone wants me to post it, you should tell me. i don’t wanna post it if no one will read it… and since it’s AU, i don’t think anyone will like it… so…please?)

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