Drabble: Winter


Smarties x Greedler

Summary: Winter- when the weather gets nasty and the power goes out, Greed-ler and Oncie get stuck in Greed-ler’s fancy condo with nothing to do. Chaos ensues. Fluffy-gone-Naughty Oncest.

Draft 1:

Once-ler peered out the frosty window, seeing the snow build up even faster than earlier, the winds swirling it about in a crazy flurry.

The weather reporter on the television had just announced a blizzard warning, cautioning everyone to get inside and stay there. Unfortunately, since the storm seemed to form within an hour, most people had frantically rushed downtown to get last-minute supplies and caused several car accidents…

Today could only get worse.

Once-ler had been outside when it started snowing that afternoon. He was on his way to Greed-ler’s for another useless tutoring session. He never had any success with that moron, no matter how hard he tried. Usually, he ended just giving him a copy of his own homework and leaving it at that. There was nothing more that he could really do.

But now, he was stuck in this ridiculously large condo, Greed-ler’s stupid “abode”.

The television continued to show weather alerts and radar images that made the situation look much worse than it actually was. The scene outside the window was far more appealing. At least it seemed relatively calm outside, regardless of the fact that there’re 60 mph winds whipping the snow into strange-looking drifts.


Click. Click.

Once-ler sighed and turned back to the television, and the idiot in front of it, flipping through the channels.

"What the hell?! All they’re showin’ is the stupid weather!" Greed-ler shouted angrily, "If I wanted to see the weather, I’d look out a damn window!"

Click. Click. Click. Click.

Once-ler just rolled his eyes, glancing back outside as another limb fell off a nearby tree and skidded towards the street.


"Alright!" Greed-ler shouted, "That’s what I’m talkin’ about!"

He plopped back down on his over-sized leather couch, turning the volume back up.

Once-ler turned back. He was watching…the Food Channel? Seriously?

A big-breasted woman on the television was mixing something in a huge bowl, mostly filled with butter.


He mindlessly watched the T.V. with little to no interest when, suddenly, it shut off, showing nothing but loud static.

"WHAT?! Oh, come on!"Greed-ler freaked, proceeding to throw things at the big television set, which did nothing. Eventually, one of the couch cushions he threw hit the power button, leaving the room in an suddenly-awkward silence.

The wind outside rattled some of the windows, and that’s when everything began to go horribly wrong.

The furnace sputtered and stopped, and the lights shut off. The only light coming in through the two windows in the room, still mostly covered in frost.

Greed-ler started to throw a fit while Once-ler held his head in hands, not believing his terrible luck. Did this really have to happen now? He was trapped in the only place of oppression that was worse than his family’s place. And with a tantrum-throwing moron that beat him to a pulp for fun whenever he felt bored. He shouldn’t have even come by today. The weather report last night warned that this might happen. Tom Flowers had practically yelled at him, “You’re gonna die if you go outside tomorrow! Don’t do it, Once-ler! Don’t do it!”

But did he listen? Of course not! He could be at home now, likely satisfying his brothers’ boredom, or, even more likely, his mother’s. They’d probably make him go outside and attempt to fix what they’d assume was a broken antenna, when it’s actually a blackout…

You know what? Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all!

Greed-ler stormed off to his bedroom, stomping the whole way there. Once-ler just stayed still for a mpoment, deciding whether he should follow or not. He heard a muffled noise that sounded a lot like something being broken purposefully. He sighed and stood up, making his way down the hall to Greed-ler’s room. The noises got louder and louder, but just as he reached the door, the noises stopped.

Once-ler took a step back. He was most certainly treading ondangerous territory. This was Greed-ler’s BEDROOM. Going in there would likely mean certain death… or something worse.

He raised a hand, deciding to knock and maybe persuade him to come out first.

He knocked on the door,

"Uhm, G-greed-ler?"

There was no reply.

He sighed heavily.

"You know, with the power out, we could try going back to working on that trig worksheet—"

"AGH! NO! Math is so frickin’ stupid!"

Once-ler pinched the bridge of his nose. If he waited just a little longer, Greed-ler would suggest something himself and come back out here to do it.

It was silent. He could imagine Greed-ler just lying on his bed, staring at nothing, trying to think of something to do that doesn’t require electricity.

"Wait! I got an idea!"

There it was. He heard the hurried footsteps and took another step back as the large wooden door swung open.

Greed-ler had a big smirk on his face, and Once-ler was quickly overcome with mild concern for his own well-being.


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