Has this been done yet

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You just wanted to know who I thought would survive, miz, didn’t you??

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in twitter RT event (?)

whatever ~

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haha look at what i found! what is all this??

hmm i think this is from that story where mabel and dipper crash the paranorman movie? i think

uhm dipper got a hedgehog

and norman lookin like jack frost and danny phantom and jack frost all up in each others’ faces haha what is this

uhm veggietales pumpkin? idk whats with norman

and i think those are a bunch of doodles from a fanfic? i think it was one where dipper was upset cuz he confessed to wendy and he was still all mopey about it i don’t even know

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My Headcanon: Pines twins with heterochromia.

I called it

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Go Fish - A Parapines Oneshot

(Parapines: Pairing between Norman Babcock of Paranorman and Dipper Pines of Gravity Falls)

“Uhm, so… Got any fives?”

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I love the Gideon vs Dipper stuff in the parapines tag
But cant we use Little Dipper as a way to bring back the micro!norman stuff now? Pls?
I just… Really need this

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A sweet little sleepytime ParaPines. I have headcanon where Dipper sleeps with his socks on. Aww! May mess around with the saturation and brightness later. Enjoy!

s o cu te

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don’t look at this

so yeah, there’s actually another whole page of this, but it’s mostly just me trying to figure out how to draw the little pyramid dude because i had never drawn him before…

and that was supposed to be werecat!dipper, but it came out wrong

and i was trying to figure out how the heck you could get an extra eyeball on your forehead without your eyebrows getting in the way

and random norman being angry at my sketch of what that ‘opening slit’ eye thing from that one fic that i read… the really good parapines tentacle one. you know what i’m talking about

ignore the scalene triangle thing, too

i was showing someone behind me something and they asked me to draw that as a joke because, well, we were in math class


don’t look at this

don’t read this

you know the drill

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since mabel’s afraid of heights

if dipper and norman wanted to ACTUALLY be alone to do stuff, where do you think they’d go?

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