Alright, I’m finally doing the giveaway, guys! Originally, this was my 360 Followers one, but since I have almost 390, I decided to add some extra junk in here (because I don’t want it, and I hope someone else will)!

First things first, I will be randomly choosing ONE WINNER on May 15th! That date isn’t significant, but it works! :) I’ll be using a random counter website to choose the winner out of all the people who like and/or reblog!

Next, you can reblog and like all you want; I really don’t care. If you guys REALLY want this stuff THAT badly, then go right ahead and rig it. 

I’ll ship internationally, so no worries if you live outside of the U.S.!

And, now, here’s the inventory…

ONE WINNER will receive the following:

1 Copy of Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake Ep. 3 (yes, the one with the Boys Night shirts!)

The Complete Manga Trilogy of It’s An Ugly Yet Beautiful World (Adult-rated because there’re nipples and butts; it’s only here because no public library will let me donate them!)

2 Small, Spiral Notebooks made out of 100% recycled material (Girl Scout incentives! You know you want them!)

A Pair of Lia Sophia Earrings (I don’t know; they cost, like, $25, so just take them)

1 Gir Accessory Kit (and possibly a picture of an uncomfortable-looking Hot Topic model wearing it?) that has clearly not been open or used.

1 Reversible Gir Hat (it doesn’t have ears, but it’s still nice)

and 1 Full Metal Panic Wall Scroll (someone in my family thought that all anime were obviously the same and bought me this, even though I don’t particularly care for this show)

And there you have it. You know you want it—ALL of it! None of this stuff has been opened or used at all. Everything is in its original packaging and in perfect condition, so no worries there. If you have any questions about any of the items, just send me a message and I’ll try my best to answer! :)


Reblog and like all you want until May 15th! (I’ll pick the winner that night, probably around midnight!) 

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i love seeing all these pics of people dressing up as Swag for halloween

it’s just so perfect


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everyone’s jackfrostler cosplays are way better than mine


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i wish i could somehow finish this jack frost-ler costume before halloween

but i need the money i’m getting in my paycheck on thursday to get the rest of the supplies



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i’m not gonna lie

it kind of upsets me that there aren’t Onceler costumes for halloween

or Paranorman costumes

i haven’t seen anything RotG-related, either, but I figured they wouldn’t release anything ELSE related to the movie at this point…not until it comes out, anyway

but it’s rather sad

but at least i found a fionna and cake costume a while ago

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The abandoned Borders building was decked out in halloween costumes, and everything was super cheap and great quality. I’ve never actually seen a complete Fionna and Cake costume, and for only $40? With a sword??
Anyway, I scrounged around for pieces of my genderbent Norman costume and found these thigh-highs for $2. All I need now is a neon hairband, a raggedy old backpack, and a red jacket(preferably a little too big). I’d use my old jacket, but the permanent serpent-and-cross from an old fma cosplay never came out from the back… :/

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someday, there needs to be a con just for the Once-ler fandom. and we could all cosplay as our fave ask blog-versions of the Once-ler and do funky panels and crazy crap like at any con. seriously, i want this to happen.

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if I had about $2k more than I do now, I’d probably force one of my friends into doing a Steamcest cosplay with me…

…because I want that. so very badly.

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So I finally made the decision.

I WILL be going to Anime NebrasKon 2012. I’ve gone through with the pre-registration, and now I just have to decide on costumes…

Thankfully, it’s here in Omaha, and at the place I WORK, nonetheless. I could get a discount, but I live here, so there’s no point in any of that. But I could dress up in a fancy costume and show off to my coworkers. ;)

The majority of them were there for NebrasKon 2011, and all I ever hear is “so many PEOPLE” and “none of them take showers” and “what a bunch of weirdos” and I just stand there, trying to defend my fellow Otaku, but there’s not much I can do about it. Anime conventions tend to attract LOTS of people, and many of those people worry about taking forever to get into their costume and trying not to spill anything on it while eating, and not a lot of time is spent taking showers after walking around in a bucket of sweat all day. And we ARE weirdos, so there wasn’t much to say to redeem anyone…

Anyway, back to costumes. Well, I’ve been working on my Red cosplay for a while, just out of boredom, but now that there’s something to do with it, I’ll put in a little more effort in finishing it up.

And it’s a 3-day convention, right? So I’ll wear 2 costumes while I’m there, which means I need to pick another character.

I think I’ve narrowed down the options. Since Red is from the comic Ever After by Endling, I want to do something similar, so I want to be a character from one of Bleedman’s comics.

My fiance voted for Mini-Mandy, one of her various forms in the Grim Tales from Down Below comic series.

Personally, I think the second pic would be easiest for me to pull off. I’d have to buy a blonde wig, but I’ve done that before… And the dress would be easy to make, and I like the idea of having a fake tentacle kind of wrapped around one leg, coming from under the dress. It adds enough detail to the costume to make it seem like I put more effort into it than if I just did a basic formal dress.

The other idea for a costume was one I’ve wanted to do before, but never got the time: Ginger, from Sugar Bits. She also has an alternate, evil version of herself, which I could tolerate better than the color pink…

Again, I’d have to get a blonde wig and style it into pigtails (and depending on which version of her I’d do,) or those curled pigtails. A big PVC pipe, painted and decorated with ribbon and topped with either cardboard, Styrofoam, or something large and plastic… I don’t know what I’d make the sucker part out of, but I bet I could find something. Overall, it wouldn’t be that difficult to make the dress, in either pink or black. I know how to do all that I’d need for them.

Those are the two I’ve narrowed it down to for cosplays. If I had more time and even more money, I’d probably do both, and just have three costumes—one for each day. But I don’t, so I have to choose. Help me decide?

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MC KREACHER. This is the picture I took right before my battery died, so I reached in my bag to switch out the batteries and he leaned over and ruffled my hair. O.O

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