Just saw Paranorman for the first time tonight….this is the result. No art belongs to me i just found them all in the parapines tag. I only wanted to share some of my favorites is all.

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one day, when i have my own apartment, i’m gonna go to walmart and buy a buttload of printer paper, printer ink, and scotch tape and then proceed to cover every inch of wall and ceiling with pictures of oncest

and no one will be able to stop me

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In my first year of college, I got a lot of compliments for my art.

But one time, someone told me, “I love your style. It’s a shame you’re fat.”

I really don’t mind any criticisms, and I relish on them to improve. But I don’t think my art should be measured by the fact that I may or may not be overweight. I don’t think anyone’s art should be.

The image is a character of mine.

submitted by -mrrosencrantz

THIS is the very reason (well, I’m not overweight, but the point is there) why I only post my artwork and writing online. I only allow people who are complete strangers and know nothing of my appearance and how I act in real life to see my artwork. Why? Because they don’t take in who you are when they judge your work. They just judge YOUR WORK, not you. I recently explained this to my fiance, and he hates it. I mean, he’s always biased, always saying “it looks good”. That’s not helpful at all, but I don’t let him see my art or read my writing very often because he KNOWS me. My family, my friends, anyone in my college classes, people on facebook (because I only friend people I know IRL)… I don’t allow any of them to see what I draw or write because they KNOW ME. 

People are too judgemental, and the internet does amazing things in helping me improve my work because I get honest opinions from others without the judgement on how I look, how I act, or just who I am in real life. 

Maybe some others should consider this, as well.

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I tend to think I’m special because many amazing artists complain that they can’t draw what’s in their mind, yet I tend to do that very thing rather well.

It’s odd, but true. I have something a lot of serious artists lack—hand-eye coordination. Yes, I’m great at throwing free-throws or hitting a home-run, but I don’t enjoy sports, so I don’t play them. So I use that same technique in my art, by drawing what I see exactly the way I see it, on the paper (or my laptop) in front of me. I can picture something in my mind, and make it look EXACTLY the same on that paper. It’s insane that I can do this, because so many people really just WISH they could do this! It makes me somewhat guilty, but I also feel special for having this ability. 

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OC collage. Done to help me figure out if my art style has changed over time, and also to figure out some new poses to do for my newest OCs…

The only OCs of mine NOT included in this collage: Shadow (from a team-write), Audrina (from IWYAtDWL comic), and the rest of the main cast of my new Princess x Prince comic that still has no title. Whoo.

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Well, what do you know? I have 50 followers! Time for an art request?

I’m going to pick someone (random number and #50) randomly. Prepare for awesome-ness in the form of an awkward ask…

Number 17.

Number 50.

That seems to be:




Asks have been sent! Tell me what you’d like me to draw! ^^

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I think I will do something special when I finally get 50 followers. Maybe an art request?

I’ll likely have my new charger by then (stupid Sundays and bad weather) and will be able to finish my Script Frenzy commissions, regular doodles, and actual homework and then some. So, I’ll be ready to get a new drawing going, and why not let my 50th follower be the person to get that art request? Or, wait…

How about this? I get 50 followers, and then I’ll go to the list, randomize it, and then have my fiance pick a random number (1 thru 50) and then send an ask to the user that gets picked for a request. If they don’t want anything, then I’ll get another random number, and so on and so forth.

Yayness. This sounds fun. But…being at 48 followers… it might take forever to get 2 more. T~T

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I honestly think there should be more Steampunk Once-ler. Am I the only one who thinks this, or…?
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I’m flipping out right now! KicsterAsh actually FAVORITED my “WHAT HAVE I DONE” fanart of The Once-ler. OMG. OMG. OMG. I CAN’T BREATHE!

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