I am officially tapping-out at 64 times of having seen HTTYD2 in theatres. It was a good run, but now it is time to save up for The Boxtrolls and Big Hero 6!
I can just barely fit all these stubs into their own container and they are now guarded heavily by my bewilderbeast, along with all the other ticket stubs I keep and collect, mostly in shoe boxes.
This IS the highest number I have reached so far, but I bet I won’t beat it again until 2016, when HTTYD3 comes out in theatres. Until then, I’m gonna keep trying! Wish me luck!

2 months ago with 209 notes    x i go a little nuts in my support of animation in the box office    x haha    x httyd2    x i'm making it official    x no more httyd2 for me until my preorder shows up on my vudu haha    x man i love ticket stubs though    x look at all the colors and different patterns the different theatres have    x i mostly go to amc and marcus theatres though haha 

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