-Jack Frost is risen in the early 19th century, helps create winter season, becomes a Guardian in the 21st century, titled “Guardian of Winter.” He has the ability to command the wind to propel him through the air, and he can create frost on anything he touches. Due to his human age, his powers are somewhat unstable and sometimes react to his emotions; i.e. - he can make it snow when he’s scared. But, he can also make it snow purposefully for fun. His center is Fun, and he does his best to instill it everywhere he goes. All of his powers are centrally contained in his staff, which he relies on incredibly.

-Hiccup Haddock is risen in the mid-21st century, reunites with Toothless the dragon, kills off the plants in the forest he awakens in to allow for new growth, replaces the past “Heir of Autumn.” He has Toothless to allow him to fly about, and has the ability to change the colors of the leaves of trees, and also kills plants to keep the ground fertile and prepare them for the winter. His center is Change, and it holds the essence of responsibility, which is why he is hard on himself about controlling his powers at all times. (At first, he was a little freaked out by his “Rogue”-like powers until he realized it was normal.) His powers are centrally contained in his hands, and he wears gloves as protection for when he is travelling about outside his designated season.

-Princess Merida is risen in the very late 20th century, creating a more extreme summer season as the “Sender of Summer.” She does not have the ability to fly, but she is very knowledgeable about the world around her, and her heat-based powers are somewhat unstable, reacting to her emotions when she isn’t in complete control of them. She sends heat and fire to the places in need of it, and she is aware of her responsibility, especially when the earth is in need of heat. Her center is Freedom, and she typically fights back and forth between being independent and responsibly following a set guideline for what she should do. Her powers are centrally contained in her hands and her body radiates heat all around her, warming everything close by.

-Princess Rapunzel is risen in the early 21st century, bringing new life to the earth and creating beautiful colors on the ground and in the sky, replacing the past “Giver of Spring.” She uses the wind and clouds to float about in the sky as a way to travel, allowing her to explore as much as possible. Her abilities include giving new life (and bringing the dead back to life), as well as bringing rain and sunshine to the driest and darkest of places. Her center is Life, and her curiosity and strive for everyone to live peacefully echoes from that. She is always filled with energy and hope, and it spills out and affects those near her. 

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