Importance of the Seasons: (updated)

Spring: Spring occurs between Winter and Summer. Spring is the time of transformation and birth. Everything thaws out from the cold winter into mild heat. Everything turns green and colorful. Rain is plentiful, giving the earth life. Spring is for coming together and having fun, celebrating new life, and having the energy for what comes next. 

(Rapunzel is very energetic and bouncy. She enjoys everything that exists, and takes time to enjoy even the tiniest things. She really likes to bring the four of them together as much as possible, making sure all of them feel welcome with one another, and keeping everyone in high spirits.)

Summer: Summer occurs between Spring and Autumn. Summer heats up places that are not very close to the equator, and is specifically important for growing crops and keeping cooler places warm for a while. The concept of summer is associated with growth and maturity because of this. Summer is about living abundantly and enjoying life.

(Merida is a bit childish at times, but she mainly focuses on being responsible. She knows how important what she does is, and she doesn’t take a lot of time to see if people enjoy or dislike her work at all. She can have a bit of a temper at time, getting angry at silly, trivial things and getting situations a little out of hand. She can’t get along with Jack, even if she actually tries.) 

Autumn: Autumn occurs between Summer and Winter. Autumn prepares the earth for refuge against the cold of winter. It is about knowing and acknowledging the changes that will occur, and helping create a stress-free environment through preparations and support. Autumn is about the death of the earth and the good changes that come of it.

(Hiccup is very cautious, and is always focused on preparations and thinking ahead. He always thinks before he acts, and he tries very hard to keep all four of them on good terms. He’s a bit meticulous about making decisions because he needs to consider all other options first, but he’s no sucker to peer pressure, even though he’s the youngest. He is the guy to go to for advice, and he likes being supportive for everyone.)

Winter: Winter occurs between Autumn and Spring. Winter cools everything down to create change for the earth. It is about waiting in the darkness for what will come next, and seeing things in a different light. Snow creates protective layers for the earth and its animals and plants. The concept for winter is about being insightful and reflecting on the past. For some, it is a time for migration, and to struggle through the cold for the warmth that will eventually come.

(Jack is a bit mischievous, but very mysterious. He doesn’t like revealing information, and will lie to avoid uncomfortable situations. He always sees things in a different perspective from the others, but can often associate well with Hiccup and his ideas. Jack is instinctively protective of the other three, but he’d deny it to no end. He can’t get along with Merida, no matter how hard he tries, but he still cares about her.)

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