so my final portfolio has to be in by tomorrow

i need to decide what pieces of writing I should submit…

So, I’m asking for your help, guys. I’ll list some of the writing I’ve done recently (because I can only submit what I’ve written during the time I’ve had the class), and you guys vote on what is best and should be put in my portfolio, okay? I have to have 5 pieces, so this is gonna be a bit tough.

But can you do that for me?

I’ll list a few here, and if you guys think of something I forgot, feel free to suggest it:

-Go Fish (A Parapines Oneshot)

-Untitled RotG Fanfic

-Fanfiction Challenge: Memories (Parapines Fanfic)

-Mabel’s Gift (Another Parapines Oneshot)

-Parapines Drabble - Movie Night

Have any others?

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  1. jakenickleby answered: My picks in this order: Memories, Go Fish, Mabel’s Gift, Movie Night. Had to skip Guardians, sorry. Hope my feedback helped & not too late.
  2. copperzealot answered: Go Fish!
  3. brokenblackrabbit answered: oh man if I had more time I would read them all for you…. I think i only read a few of them ;; good luck though
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