either half of this fandom needs to wake up, or we need some new members, so let yourself go and drift off into the world of dudeghost

(i got most of these weird ass pictures from tumblr user lordvalsass)

a youtube playlist with every episode of dtmg can be found here

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Do i open another rp blog so i can waste more time or do i need to force myself not to and just work on my millions of fanfics instead?

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something all of tumblr should see.


it would do a lot of good tbh

how the fuck imma let you go to bed at night with yo life together when mine got all fucked up cause of you?


Exactly. Completely ignoring the fact that catharsis is possible through righteous vengeance.

They pulled this shit in Wreck-It-Ralph too, but that one was even worse since they were pretty much straight up admitting that their happiness was only guaranteed through the continuous abuse he had to face from them — and then on top of that they called him selfish for wanting to break out of that cycle.

Did anyone think that maybe by getting back at these people you would be able to help others from getting hurt, since usually these type of people are repeat offenders and can target other people????

This is the worst fucking trend seen in children’s movies ever I swear to god.

Okay in other examples I can understand the concern about the trope, depending.

But in Paranorman???

It’s about someone who has become a bully

She was a victim, yes. She was hurt.

But she didn’t seek justice. What she did is NOT comparable to sensible reparations for a grievous crime.

She made the ones who hurt her suffer. She didn’t stop them, or defend herself from them.

She hurt themShe induced a kind of torture against them, which also affected an entire town, drawing out the ugliest and most shameful parts of human nature.

The entire point of this beautiful moment is a boy, who knows what it’s like to be hurt… recognizing that the bully of this story is actually just a victim lashing out.

And helping her let go of the same kind of vicious hate that killed her in her era… helping her finally achieve a sense of personal peace.

Standing up to bullies and abusers does not need to involve becoming like them.

And everyone is different, yes, so I suppose revenge may be cathartic for some.

But in the context of this film, we are not talking about reasonable defense. We are talking about inducing suffering.

We are talking about becoming the bully.

We are talking about letting hatred and fear dominate your motivations and actions… And that isn’t healthful to the mind or body…

Much more disturbing than misuse of this trope to me is the vicious call for personal revenge against evildoers - not for the sake of safety for self and others so much as for personal catharsis.

It suggests that there are people who simply deserve to suffer… that there are people willing to spur that suffering…

And that targets “bad” people… not the damaging fundamental mentalities and ideals those people embody.

To paraphrase a cliche, it focuses on a symptom rather than addressing the actual illness.

It’s fire against fire. Hate is hate… whomever it’s against.

The word used in the film is “SUFFER.” Not protect, defend, enact justice or vengeance or righteousness.

I feel like you guys are completely missing the point here…

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Would you like to hear Nitori singing a Phineas & Ferb song?

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Rintori Snapchats — sending before bed. The last one was taken by Momo. snatchin up Nitori’s phone

Since the two don’t bunk together anymore Nitori’s gotta step up his game a bit 

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cool summer~

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Dude, the only way dtmg is gonna be better than it already is is if they actually write eps that make sense and have an actual plot to them, add more poc, make billy sing in almost at every freakin episode, and then make ectofeature canon
And hopefully tell us how billy died

Well given its a show aimed at kids they might not say how he died

He’s a GHOST
Ignoring that just raises even more questions
Besides, if they are gonna keep giving us alive!billy shots, they need to at least imply what actually caused him to die

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So, if Rin is a shark and Minishib- er, I mean, Momotarou is an otter, then what are Sousuke and Nitori?

Official art says sousuke is a whale shark and nitori is a duck…I think
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SO THIS IS AN EXTREMELY STUPID LITTLE COMIC I DREW YESTERDAY TO CHEER MYSELF UP oh god this is literally the oldest joke in the book i’m so sorry

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