i just like to think that there would be a lot of drawing on clarence happening

he’s feelin p rad

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Oh gawd there are tears in my eyes
I wasn’t expecting any of that

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The first ten seconds of the new ep was traumatizing
Thanks for that

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Clarence - “Dream Boat” clip

Episode airs tomorrow, July 31st, at 6:45pm

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This is my family.  I found it.  All on my own.  It’s little, and broken, but still good.  Yea.  Still good.

Spent some time today sketching dragon feels.  I really like how these turned out.

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Gravity Falls Season 2 Trailer.

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So it looks like I wont have actual wifi for another week and a half…and I cant find a way to get the disney channel or disney xd apps so I cnt watch gravity falls when it comes back, and I wont be able to download the new free or clarence unless I go to a bk or my grandparents’ place again… ugh this sucks

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Why does that post about the average jeff preview have so many notes

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Could you tell me a little about your supervillan AU? It looks really interesting!

Uhhh, well, let me see if I can sum up some of the story here… jack is some kind of magical being with a cutesy sailor moon-style transformation and everything. He is supposed to be part of the Guardians, a super league for good, but he just wanders around alone and causes mischief. He claims a human form to try and feel like he fits in with humans, but it doesn’t work much. He has ice powers and can turn invisible and fly, but that’s about it. Hiccup is a skinny teen whose dad has a LOT of money. He accidentally injured a strange creature in the woods (toothless) and started recreating its abilities through devices, so that he could fly with it, shoot plasma bolts, things like that. He basically becomes like a batman/iron man kind of hero, making his own flight suit and roaming the night sky with toothless…but he uses these abilities to get revenge on bullies from school, then starts moving on to actual criminals from there. Neither jack nor hiccup are considered good guys by the townspeople, and since they are just normal teenagers by day, no one takes them seriously then, either. The romance is supposed to be like Miraculous Ladybug, wherein Jack is pretty much invisible and uncertain and squeamish as a student and an adventurous, thrill-seeking troublemaker as a superhero, and Hiccup is a cold, distant, head of the class student by day and the dark, mysterious, but curious vigilante by night. So, basically, they hate each other in human form, like each other in super form…I guess? Idk, it’s all a work in progress right now.

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