Corick is the best ship.

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Well then
I need to start killing more people because i’ve been showing my appreciation for cr in the wrong way this whole time

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100% convinced DreamWorks is gonna surprise me with this film. No matter how much I think I’ve got it figured out.

I completely agree

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Wow so the scene where Hiccup makes the first prototype for Toothless’ prosthetic tail.

I love how confident Hiccup looks in this part of the film, seeing as he’s in his element and all. But honestly I just want to squish him, don’t you?

HTTYD2 GIF Countdown: 51 Days

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It’s 5pm and i still only have 740 words on ch9 of penpals actually typed out
*smacks self across the face repeatedly*

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What would we even do on cartoon rompus day?? Go around and kill all our favorite people???

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9thgradeninja blog, get out of the cartoon rompus tag this insTANT

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—————— 51 days left!!! ——————

I should have 50 pieces if I didn’t miss day 77 and day 52.(sob

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so here’s what im wearing to watch httyd2

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i really like how they made Finn disabled because if there are kids with proshetic arms or with one arm watching Adventure Time and they see Finn fighting and doing his thing then it’ll inspire them and they’ll be able to look up to Finn as a hero/role model since he’s just like them

The important thing is to not make his story about his disability, much like Hiccup from HTTYD (or i guess RoB/DoB would be a more appropriate example?).
It’s just a part of his character; doesn’t make him any less than what he was…if anything, it makes them stronger.
But, yes, having disabled representation in popular media is SO IMPORTANT, and I am so excited about what possibilities this will spark for other shows.

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